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BZF NEV has been engaged in the automotive and automotive parts business for 10 years. We are an integrated enterprise of industry and trade. The company is committed to promoting high-quality Chinese automotive brands and automotive components to the global market. Especially in Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, we have established a mature international market network.

We have a complete range of products, guaranteed quality, affordable prices, and can stably supply various types of automobiles and automotive components. We provide OEM services, after-sales services, one-stop procurement services, etc. to efficiently meet the procurement needs of our customers.

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We welcome you to become our agent. In addition to get a good price, we will also provide you with  technical support.


Some feedback from our clients

For many years, we have been using BZF NEV’s products and they have never disappointed anyone. Their products have precision and durability. Their customization options can meet our special requirements. Highly recommended!

Ethan Lucas

Our cooperation with BZF NEV is very pleasant, they always respond quickly, and their products and services are very satisfactory.

Ryan Lynch

The products provided by BZF NEV are of original factory quality. With the help of BZF NEV, my business scale has increased. Thank you very much to BZF NEV.

Francesca Oliver

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